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How to Use Vasotens® Technology

In-office Measurements

Automated in-office measurements with the use of BPLab®-Vasotens® systems are convenient for preliminary stratification of cardiovascular risk in patients with arterial hypertension (Vasotens® Office Stiffness) or other cardiovascular pathologies (Vasotens® Office ABI); moreover the system can detect spurious systolic hypertension in youth, evaluate drug therapy effect mainly affecting CAP (Vasotens® Office CAP).

To perform measurements, BPLab® device and PC with Vasotens®Office software are required. During patients’ visits the BPLab® device is continuously connected to the computer – so you can manage process of measurement of SYS BP, DIA BP, AIx, AIxao, central BP and PWV via PC.

Anyone, who completed training in arterial blood pressure measurement, should understand how it is important to establish a good cooperation with a patient and select an appropriate cuff size in order to carry out the test very carefully.

Please run Vasotens®Office application and start a new test, follow the user-friendly algorithm, analyze the data records, control their quality, detect pulse wave features of your patient, print out measurement reports or save them as PDF-files.

Don’t forget that you can still use the BPLab® monitor which is a part of BPLab- Vasotens® system as a regular 24-hour ABPM as well.

Ambulatory Monitoring

The device shows high validity of the obtained results according to a number of per-day measurements. This number is equal both for peripheral blood pressure and central aortic pressure in all patients. It is related to the fact that pulse waves for ambulatory analysis are recorded the same way as peripheral blood pressure data – with no additional inflation step. On the other hand, all BPLab-users can easily upgrade a regular 24-hour ABPM to the improved PWA-system or reanalyze the available BPW-files for additional parameters.

The rapid progress of telecommunication platforms has affected the development of BPLab-Vasotens® systems as well. It is easy to understand that the centralized assessment of BPW-files has become very attractive for telemedicine business. Indeed, the whole medical community is invited to support the web-based service: www.tholomeus.net which is widely using BPLab® and BPLab-Vasotens® systems with remote computed arterial stiffness and central aortic pressure assessment, without necessity to install local software copy on your computer.

User-friendly software interface of BPLab-Vasotens® systems enables configuration of medical reports according to a doctor’s requirements: this could be graphs of blood pressure and other indices, the full table of results, histograms, cosinor analysis, morning trends, arterial stiffness and central aortic pressure analysis and many more.

24-hour ABPM BPLab® device, PC, and, optionally, an activity and body position sensor are required for ambulatory monitoring. BPLab® Standard monitor is initialized via BPLabWin® software on the computer or telemedicine system web-application.

Feel free to upload an individual plan of measurements, but do not forget to provide a sufficient number of good-quality measurements according to the current guidelines. If you are interested in chronobiology, you may upload a device for a test within 48 hours or longer.
In any case, upon a test completion, you need to connect the monitor to a PC and transfer the measurement results from device memory into computer or upload them into telemedicine system.

To interpret test results, please download the current BPW-file to your PC and launch BPLabWin® software for standard 24-hour blood pressure procedure and Vasotens®24 (including dongle key and registration data) for 24-h PWA. Another opportunity is to use the telemedicine platform and/or cloud- based service Saas Vasotens® for subsequent data processing and analysis. Upon completion please print out the report or generate a PDF-file.

Multicenter Research

Due to recording of sphygmograms which can undergo postprocessing, the system is very flexible and can be configured for different purposes – even for complicated multi-center clinical trials. Cost effectiveness is achieved by a provision of standard 24-hour ABPMs to research centers; at that time data management center is supplied with the required software BPStat® which enables processing of a great number of BPW-files (raw data) for additional parameters as well.

This software will be duly appreciated by statisticians who are engaged in 24-hour analysis of blood pressure and new parameters: anyone from PhD-student in a small clinic to SAS-developers in a big research organization.

Research projects can be supported by manufacturer of BPLab-Vasotens® systems in a different way. The privileged conditions for the use of systems can be provided upon submission of a research synopsis. As may be agreed, the manufacturing company staff can hold a presentation of the equipment during first investigators’ meetings, conduct training of the principle researchers and data managers.

Storage of oscillograms can offer another advantage – speaking of academic studies: once you’ve collected the measurement files you should be aware that the available bulk data can be reanalyzed after software update for some new parameters – a researcher gets an opportunity to conduct a retrospective study based on previously recruited groups of patients and immediately obtain data which might have certain scientific novelty.

If you need to analyze hundreds or thousands of BPW-files (raw data), there is no better solution than BPStat® software. Complete installation, double-click the software shortcut, select the appropriate BPW-files in your computer, tick the hemodynamic and vascular wall parameters which have to be assessed in the summary table, and get a report. The report can be easily exported into the required software such as MS Excel.

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